Sunday, August 2, 2009


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Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's February

I know that L was able to do her quilt square and pincushion and that M, K, and L are going to work on theirs this what about the rest of you???

There won't be any pictures of this month's projects until I can figure out where either one of my cameras is, but we will proceed...

The project is a button bracelet. The tutorial I used is at Creative Kismet. I Googled button bracelet and chose Creative Kismet. There are others, so feel free to choose which ever one you like. I used real shell buttons that I bought at Hancock's for $3/pkg. I can probably make 6+ bracelets with all of the buttons in the package. Joann's also has packages for $3 of all kinds of colors. I also used regular embroidery floss as well as metallic floss. I had seed beads so didn't have to buy them. You might want to consider buying a package of needles, as is suggested in the tutorial. They're nice to have and make threading a lot easier than putting glue on the ends of the thread. You should be able to make a bracelet in less than an hour, depending on how long it takes to decide on your button arrangement. Be creative and most of all have fuuuuunnnnn!!!

Our quilt square is a simple 4 patch. Remember that the finished size of the square should be 12" so your unfinished size will be 12 1/2" square. For equal sized squares cut 4 squares, from the fabric of your choice to coordinate with last month's fabrics, 6 1/2" each. Using 1/4" seams, sew together in a 4-patch and iron seams opposite each other. The hardest part of this block is to get the center seams to all match up. We are starting out really easy here, so if you want to cut your 'squares' wonky, then feel free.

I will get pictures up as soon as I find my camera. Have fun and I look forward to seeing everyone's progress;)

Remember that all of the 'little' girls are welcome to join in.

If anyone would like to be in charge of March, just let me know.

Any questions, I'll be happy to help however I can.

Love you all,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Month Number Two

I hope that you are all busy finishing up you pincushions and quilt squares for January. Our projects for Feb. will be posted in the next couple of days and there are even fewer days in Feb. Does anybody want to be in charge of March (Michelle or Brandy??? It's your month;) I'll be back in a couple of days with our projects.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our First Quilt Square

Our first quilt square is a very easy square. I'm sure that it has a name, but i have no idea just what it might be.
For your quilt...don't think that you will have to get all of your fabric at once. If you can choose a color sceme and keep that in mind throughout the process then you will be fine. I have chosen to do very bright tropical colors. I got the fabric in this first square when I was in Kingman last month. I look for sales (Joanne's has their fat quarters on sale right now for $1) and buy lots and lots of fat quarters. The only big piece of fabric that you will need for this project is the back and you won't need that for awhile...but if you see something that you like in the coming months...then, by all means...get it. I would buy 3 yards of backing fabric. That way you will have pleanty to work with and you may even want to work a little of it into your top. If you have any questions along the way, please let me know and I will help however I can.

Here we go..........

You will need a light, medium, and dark piece of fabric. ..(example...white, grey, and black)... your light, med, and dark fabrics can be the same color (lt blue, med blue, dk blue)...use what you like. Believe will want to work on something that you like as opposed to something you don't.

Cut 3 strips of from each...4.5" x 12.5"

Arrange them lt to my medium can read either as a medium or a light, depending on where the print is.
Sew along the 12.5" at 1/4"...lite to med, med to dark... back tacking at either end...this will make it easier when the squares are sewn together...

When trimming your threads, leave a 1/2", or so. This will help keep your stitching from coming back tacking...

Next, press your seams as sewn to "set" them...
...and then press them all one pressing open here...

...a little hard to see here, but the seams are all pressed the same way...

Flip your square over give it one more good pressing...don't pull on it...just press don't want to stretch it...and...

..............Your First Square is Finished...........
This square will be able to go either horizontal or vertical...if you are using one way prints (stripes, don't want them swimming upside down...) make sure that they are going the way that you want them to. This may require a little upside down thinking on your part when doing your cutting.
Good luck and I look forward to seeing the progress that each of you are making;)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here's my Pincushion

I hope that all of you will be participating in our little crafting expedition this year. I hope that through this blog we will all grow closer and have a good time. Every one's, input is welcome;)

So for January, our project is a pincushion. We all need one if we're going to do any kind of crafting with fabric. Leslie must have been inspired to come up with this project. There are tons of ideas on the web, so if you can't come up with an idea of your own then check out the links that Les has offered, or you might know of some of your own. Have fun and good luck;)

Here's the pincushion that I chose to make. It took me less than an hour start to finish. It takes 15 - 2.5" squares. Five light, mine are pink; five medium, brown with pink flowers; and five dark, brown with pink swirls; one button; some fiberfill; and embroidery floss to tie button on.

Take a look and
tell me what you think:)

I put my pincushion in the show and the color looks different than it really is...

The color is better in this picture, but there's a shadow from the grapevine on the right side. The button is abalone and just a little smaller than a quarter.
That will give you an idea of the size of my pincushion...a little on the big side, but that's OK with me;)
...and here are a couple of side views......

I'm happy with the way it turned out and was surprised that it was as easy as it was.
Looking forward to seeing what each of you come up with.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pin Cushions

For January we are doing a pin cushion for our craft. As we are going to be sewing a lot we will all need one of these handy tools and as Karen says, "You can never have enough pin cushions."

Pin cushion:

Parameters for the pin cushion: Have fun and make one that you like and fits your personality! If you want more direction here are a few that I found that are pretty simple.

Another idea is to take strips of fleece roll them up and glue the edge to the outside.*use scraps if you have them*

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009! So hopefully you all got the email that Karen sent out and those that haven't accepted their invitation to our blog will do so soon! We were thinking this would be fun a good way to keep up on crafting and we can each make at least one blanket per year. As the email said we are doing a craft and a block of the month each month.

I have created a flickr group for us to post our pix so we can all see each others projects! Go visit:

Make sure you keep your scraps as you will probably use them in another project down the road!!! Just get a basket when they are on sale and keep your scraps in there.

Remember that the blocks you do through out the year are for the same quilt so pick coordinating fabrics.